Prayer Campaigns

40 Days of United Prayer


This prayer campaign is sponsored by the Great Lakes Region of the Wesleyan Church. We are a band of Christian believers who agree that prayer is critically important to who we are and what we do in God’s Kingdom. We want to be a praying people!


The Great Lakes Region is comprised of Michigan and Illinois. We were formerly four districts and a fifth, in Wisconsin, is planning to join next year. We are stronger together! These districts are merging to become one Region for the sake of greater effectiveness in bringing people to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord; making more disciples who make disciples; and multiplying by starting new churches in new places. A merger of two districts is a major undertaking. We are in the process of ultimately bringing five together. That’s why we are asking God, by His Spirit, to make us one in heart, mind and purpose. We are boldly asking that Jesus’ prayer for oneness be answered in our lives and among our churches. Jesus prayed that we would be “one … that the world will believe.” (John 17:20-21)

We are asking God to help us, as His Church, establish a transforming presence in every zip code in our Region – and even beyond! It is estimated that there are 22 million people who do not yet know Jesus through a personal faith in Him. Many of these people live in major metropolitan centers like Detroit, Chicago and Milwaukee. Many of them are in suburban and rural communities. We are different ethnically and economically. Yet, we all need Jesus! If we are going to strengthen and sustain the ministries we currently have in place, while starting new ministries at the same time – all for the sake of reaching more people … we must have the anointing, leadership and empowering of the Holy Spirit. Thus, in launching our new Great Lakes Region, we are committing ourselves to 40 Days of United Prayer.